Monday, April 14, 2008

April 14, 2008

Weight: Pleading the Fifth

Okay, so I got a little off-track this weekend with my diet, but you try taking care of 21-month-old twins while at the same time, reformatting a hard drive on a computer that is five years old (for all you non-techies out there...that is ANCIENT). I needed caffeine and the two best sources are coffee and chocolate...I don't drink coffee...'nuff said. Anywho, enough about my chocolate-induced guilt trip! My uncle is visiting from Boston and needless to say, after one hour of visiting, my cheeks hurt!!! He had me laughing soooo hard that I got stomach cramps!!! Crazy isn't it? My other uncle (who lives around the corner and is housing this maniac for the next week) was mouthing "save me" the whole time I was there. It was hysterical!!! I love my family to pieces and especially the way they can crack me up with little or no effort. Everyone has an odd "Uncle Joe" in their family. Me? I have TWO, but one's name is George (the other one ironically is Joe). Here's to family!

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