Monday, April 7, 2008

April 7, 2008

Weight: 186.5

Okay, yes, I was bad this weekend! To celebrate the end of the contest at Kmart (and being the only one in Palatka to finish it), I went a little crazy with the leftover Easter candy. Let me tell you...I'm never doing that again!!! I have been sluggish as heck all day and then I gave blood. Not the smartest idea either, but hey, there's another 1/2 pound...bwhahahaha! So anyway...

Welcome to my Blog!

The goal of this blog is to keep me straight as I prepare for my cruise to Alaska and continue on my weight loss journey. My goal is to get to 150 or 160 (I was a size 10 at 170 so I can't see myself getting too much smaller than that) by the end of summer. Will I do it? Heck yeah! I'm so tired of thinking negative all the's too exhausting! So, if you're wondering about the name of my blog "A Dance with Adam", here's that story. I love the tv show CSI: Miami. From a video and film background, aesthetically, it is a very well put together show (and the writing is pretty good too). My favorite character on the show is Eric Delko (played by Adam Rodriguez). Well while talking to a friend of mine, who is also trying to lose weight, she asked me what an impossible reward would be that I would give myself if I got to my target weight. I jokingly said "a salsa dance with Adam Rodriguez". Now, you want to talk about coincidences??? I was watching the credits from the episode last Monday and lo and behold, the DP (Director of Photography) on the show was also the DP on "Just a Dream" (the movie I worked on in 2001). So, just for giggles, I sent him an email (it's been seven years, highly doubted he would remember me)...and he responded. Asked how I was and the usual niceties and asked if I was still in the "business". I told him family obligations and life took me in a different direction, but that I would love to get back to it. He told me to come for a visit when the new season starts!!! So guess who has a very REAL goal for herself??? Hence the name of my blog... :c)


capnnikki said...

Me thinks that would be v. awesome to me Adam and to salsa dance with him. You go girl. You're so close to your goal, you will definitely achieve it! You are looking great!!

Melissa said...

Methinks too that it would uber awesome and super cool! Keep it up! I've got my Yoga for Weight Loss DVD, an exercise ball, and yoga mat to prepare for my weight loss journey too! You're inspiring!